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How It Works

Note: Prices DO NOT include the decorative elements of each design like the actual team jerseys, team gear, logos and any other appliqués used to create the custom design. Prices DO include all other necessary materials needed to create each style.

Click to choose your customizable design from above.



Add the item to your cart & purchase.
Choose either the "I'll Send In My Stuff" option or "Shop for Me" options prior to checkout. See #4 for a description of each.


Check Your Email
You will receive an email following your purchase which will include a form to fill out. Here is where the fun & design of your custom garment begins. The form will have questions about your sizing, fit, any customization and design preferences you would like to include.

This email will also include shipping instructions along with directions on how-to prep your garments before shipping, what items you can send in, how many items to send in and places to shop for them if you need too!
*As a reminder for all custom garments, the outer decorative material (jerseys, team gear, logos and any other appliqués/patches) is not included in the pricing.


Now, let's gather the materials

Option 1: "I'll Send In My Stuff": Find Items to Send In

Send in your jersey(s), team gear or other items you would like to incorporate into the design. Items do not have to be sports only related.

*Note: It's beneficial to send in the largest sizes possible of jersey's, t-shirts, team gear flags, blankets, etc to ensure a complete design of the body of the garment mainly for the puffer coat and puffer vest styles. If you have a shirt with a logo or number you would like incorporated, those can be smaller sizes.

For example: This Custom Puffer Vest shown above is a finished size S/M. It was created from a XXL tye dye shirt along with 2 other shirts to take logos from.

Option 2: "Shop for Me". Hometown-Hottie will shop for the "stuff".

Choose this service option upon checkout in addition to your custom design if you do not have a jersey, team shirts, team gear, flags, blankets, etc for the custom design you've ordered.  This is a shopping service I provide to create the sportswear of your dreams:-)


*Pricing in checkout for "Shop for Me" option will vary from style to style.


Time to Sketch!

Once I either have received the items from you or shopped for the items (if you purchased that service), I then create a custom design sketch (mock-up). Upon approval of the design, I go into the studio and get started on your Hometown-Hottie custom.


Now Wait for the Design Magic to Happen!
I'll take it from here and start creating your custom fit! Turnaround time varies depending on current demand. Overall, please allow 2-3 weeks for your custom design. Once your custom is shipped, you will receive a tracking number.
Enjoy your Hometown-Hottie custom!
Feel free to tag me! Puts a smile on my face:-)
For all other custom inquiries or commissioned work requests
Contact Cristy at
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