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The Grateful Hawk Custom Puffer Vest.heic

One of a Kind | Reworked | Custom | Sportswear

Classy, Swaggy & a Lil' Bad Assy

Screen Shot 2024-05-03 at 8.02.35 PM.png

How it started . . .

Super Bowl LIV


Hello! I'm Cristy.


By day, I'm a Commercial Makeup Artist & Wardrobe Stylist, die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan and hold the special title as The Official Super Bowl LIV Confetti Launcher


By night, I'm founder and designer here at Hometown-Hottie!

Hometown-Hottie was born from my passion for fashion, sports, pop culture and as a way to continue sharing my creativity & clothing designs with sports fans worldwide! 

I want to create the most unique, stylish one of a kind sportswear for you and bring you the best customer experience, so you will always be game day ready. Let's Go!


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